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HOLLA::revolution a success!

posted Jan 6, 2014 by Isabel Garcia


On July 25th, 2013, Hollaback! hosted the first ever international conference on street harassment, HOLLA::Revolution. The event was emceed by Jamia Wilson and featured leading local and international leaders in the fight against gender violence.

The event featured 18 speakers and performers representing organizations such as: Bklyn Boihood, Sassafrass Tech Collective, Women in Media and News, Girls for Gender Equity, Cornell University, Feministing, the Man Up Campaign, the NoVo foundation, and Hollaback!

The event, held at 20 Cooper Square, sold out with 150 supporters in the audience. It was live-streamed with over 570 viewers watching from around the world. HOLLA::Revolution ran from 2pm to 6pm EDT and was followed by a cocktail hour and presenter discussion downstairs at the venue.

The second part of HOLLA::Revolution was a Hollaback!’s Site Leader Retreat, running from July 26th-28th. Twenty five site leaders from around the world came to New York City to hold workshops, engage in discussion, and plan the future of anti-street harassment work. Site leaders and members of the Hollaback! community presented 8 full length workshops on topics ranging from Time Management and Crisis Response Care to Fundraising and Strategic Planning.

Risks and challenges

Based on feedback, here's what we're planning for next year:

The half-day speaker’s series will be held again in summer 2014. We’ll invite 10 of the leading speakers on street harassment to present short, engaging talks on their work. We’d like to see the following changes: Improved livestreaming and audiovisual quality. We want the livestream to be engaging and accessible, and for each of the 10 speakers to have a well-shot video of their performance that can be used to promote their work after the event. Provide honorariums and cover travel expenses for key speakers at HOLLA::Revolution.

In HOLLA::revolution’s first year, we used local speakers. Next year, we want to expand the conversation globally and provide funding for speakers so that we can make sure that diverse voices are represented in this quickly growing, but wildly underfunded, movement.

Scholarship fund for site leaders. Access to funding limited the ability of our site leaders -- especially those who were lower-income or lived outside of North America -- were unable to attend. We want to set up a scholarship fund to to sponsor at least one site leader from each continent, providing travel and housing costs. Priority will go to low-income folks, people of color, LGBTQ individuals, and site leaders who were unable to attend in 2013.

Up Close

Hollaback! Boston writes, “Hollarev was life-changing for me. I’ve never felt so supported and inspired by a group of people in my life. I left the retreat feeling like I had the power to make real change in the world.”

Hollaback! Dublin site leaders echo that sentiment, writing: “The retreat made me feel so much more capable of running a Hollaback site. It was amazing to connect with other site leaders and learn from them and share ideas about how to do things in our hometowns and we’ve continued to do that after the retreat. The weekend gave me so many tools to run the site better and build a more cohesive plan to end street harassment in Dublin and also gave me the confidence to start putting the plan into action!”

Next steps

We want to do it all again next year! We're currently looking for funding for HOLLA::revolution 2014.

We've spent the full $15,000 awarded.

Line Items Project budget Amount spent so far


Food and drink


Venue for HOLLArev

Venue for Retreat

Planning and Coordination

Video Equipment
















After the HOLLA::Revolution Speaker Series, 90 percent of the audience wrote that they came away with a better understanding of what street harassment is and 90 percent of respondents wrote that, after the event, they came away with new ideas for stopping and responding to street harassment in their communities. The audience described the event as “diverse”, “intersectional”, and “inspiring.” At the site leader retreat, 100% responded that they left the retreat with new ideas and projects for the coming year. Feedback from the site leader retreat was overwhelmingly positive, with site leaders describing the workshop series as “supportive” and “invaluable”.

Additional resources

Online, #hollarev was the buzzword of the day. HOLLA::Revolution’s hashtag, #hollarev, generated over 2,800 discussions on twitter and facebook leading up to and during the event. Online tweets and posts reached 1.8 million people world wide on the day of the event, and the discussion has continued since then, sparking a tremendous amount of press from Am New York, Bitch Magazine, The Source, Stop Street Harassment, Vitamin W, The Coast, and the Daily Beast.


  • Culture
  • Gender discrimination
  • Leadership

Help young people around the world lead the way for the next generation to live without fear of harassment in public spaces.

Why we care: Street harassment--ranging from comments like “You’d look good on me” to groping, flashing and assault--is a daily, global reality for many girls and women and fuels a cultural environment that condones gender-based violence.

How we’re solving this: Uniting a network of leaders from 25 countries in New York City to establish a global strategy to end street harassment.

Hollaback! will host HOLLA::Revolution, an international conference to establish a global strategy to disrupt the normalization of street harassment, in New York City this July. The conference will bring together 250 leaders, who have been trained by Hollaback! to fight street harassment in their local communities.

Hollaback! has trained young leaders—who come from 62 cities and 25 countries—to build skills in on-the-ground activism and digital storytelling to create powerful change. Collectively, they have performed more than 25 research projects, met with 150 legislators, collected 4,000 stories, trained more than 2,500 people, held 50 rallies and walks, spoken with more than 750 media outlets, and brought the issue of street harassment into the limelight in their communities and on-line. But the power of the Internet only extends so far.

HOLLA::Revolution will have two parts:

  • HOLLA::Revolution: A forum for critical dialogues on street harassment and international movement building in a digital age. Leading street harassment thinkers and activists will inspire and empower through multimedia talks, performances, presentations, and readings on subjects ranging from street harassment, the future of activism, online organizing, local and international movement building, and more! The event will be hosted by Jamia Wilson, chief storyteller at TED, and will be live-streamed internationally on July 25th from 2-5pm at New York University.
  • HOLLA::Revolution Retreat: Immediately following the public event, Hollaback!’s international leaders will gather to establish a global strategy to disrupt the normalization of street harassment. The three-day retreat will engage young leaders to collaborate and find new solutions and responses to the epidemic of street harassment. The retreat will be packed with skill sharing opportunities, workshops, on the ground activism, and talks to discuss the future of the global movement to end street harassment once and for all.

We aim to create the next generation of feminist leaders, to develop a global agenda to end street harassment and to build the community support necessary for the movement’s long-term success. From California to Mumbai and London to South Africa, help us put an end, once and for all, to street harassment.

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