Cultivating the Leadership of Girls in Haiti

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Promote education and skills for girls and women

posted Oct 1, 2013 by Jenny Shapiro


Thanks to you, the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network identified two organizations in need of support to continue providing safe spaces for girls. While the Network, a collective of organizations that began in 2010 in response to the earthquake, originally sought funds just for Profamil, it identified another organization, FAMSA, that was struggling financially, but poised to reach more girls with this much needed programming. This approach allowed your funding to have an even greater impact, since now both organizations will benefit from the programmatic coaching also included in this project.

The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network continues to work with 17 local Haitian grassroots organizations that are committed to working with vulnerable girls. We provided additional funding for mentor stipends to two dynamic organizations who couldn’t have otherwise continued to implement girls’ groups. The funds from the project will cover at least 4 mentors for each organizations, and benefit at least 50 girls total through weekly programming during the year.

PROFAMIL and FAMSA were chosen because of their geographic location and the specific girls that they work with in their weekly groups (ages 10-19 and out of school). Due to the nature of financial transactions with Haiti, funds have just been distributed, and this project is just getting started. We look forward to providing an update in a couple of months!

Risks and challenges

As mentioned, our biggest challenge so far is getting the funds in place to start programming, but we are confident we will have much more to report shortly.

Get personal

While the groups supported by your funding are just starting, we wanted to share a story from current participant. Victoria, who is 14 years old and is currently out of school. She was honored to find out that she would be part of the Espas Pa Mwen group. Victoria never felt ashamed that she was out of school or that her family was not able to cover her school fees.

Victoria states in her short time in the group, the financial literacy workshops provided her with information that she uses in her life. Since starting the program, she has started to save her money! She never had a savings plan and thought this was out of reach. Victoria, would love to return to school and plans to save a portion of her school fees so that she can return back to school.

Victoria, believes that every girl in Haiti should have an Espas Pa Mwen program in their area and thanks the Espas Pa Mwen group for giving her the confidence to hold her head high.

Next steps

Implementing partners typically host at least 25 girls for at least 15 consecutive 1½ hour sessions. The two implementing partners will get coaching from the Network coordinators on how to show their success and what information they should collect to do so.

The Network will introduce grant recipients and other small Haitian NGOs to sexual and reproductive health and rights training for girls, and train staff from the two organizations in other core content for girls (gender-based violence and financial literacy). The Network will conduct a survey for at least 10% of the girls in the program to measure the impact of the Espas Pa Mwen groups.


Due to the logistical difficulties of working in Haiti, getting funding to our partners on the ground has been slower than anticipated. However, meetings and technical assistance to these partners has continued with counterpart funding that IPPF/WHR.

Line Items

Projected budget

Amount spent so far

Mentor Stipends

Meetings and Materials Costs Technical Assistance and Evaluation

Video Editing





$6,000 (Mentor Stipends)


The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network is currently chaired by the International Planned Parenthood Federation Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR), based in New York, NY. One part time, coordinator is based in New York to provide program support to the Network. Our local partner in Haiti is the YWCA Haiti and this is where the Haiti Based Haiti Adolescent Girls Network Coordinator is based. The Haiti-based coordinator, ensures that girl groups are functioning and provides programmatic support in country to those currently running Espas Pa Mwen groups in their organizations.

Additional resources

  • Health
  • Leadership
  • Violence against women

50 Haitian girls will have a safe space to learn and lead in their communities.

Why we care: Girls in Haiti face enormous health, safety, and economic challenges.

How we're solving this: We provide 50 girls in 3 cities with a safe space to spend time with their friends, learn about their rights, and obtain the support of trusted adults.

“Because we are young they think we are little kids. But we represent the future of the country. We have the right to speak and express our feelings.”

Fifteen-year-old Ester speaks with genuine emotion when she describes the impact the Haiti Adolescent Girls Network has had on her life. Like many girls living in Port-au-Prince, Ester survived the 2010 earthquake and seeks a way to create a better future for herself and her community. Unlike her peers, Ester is fortunate to still be permitted to attend school. Her dream is to become a doctor one day.

Haiti is the poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean, with nearly half of all households living in extreme poverty on less than $1 per day. The lives of adolescent girls often lack structured activities, such as school or sports. They are highly vulnerable to violence, sometimes even in their own homes, and have high rates of unplanned pregnancy and contracting HIV.

The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network is committed to protecting and empowering vulnerable girls, so they may safely navigate the volatile post-earthquake environment and break the cycle of poverty. It provides girls with a safe space in their communities to spend time with their peers, learn about their rights, and obtain the support of trusted adults.

Since Ester began attending Espas Pa Mwen (Our Space) at Profamil, our local partner in Haiti and one of twenty Haiti Adolescent Girls Network sites, she has gained assets that no one can take away – knowledge about sexual and reproductive health, skills to prevent violence, a commitment to youth and women’s rights, and most importantly, friendships with other girls her age.

“This is the only place I ever feel safe,” Ester explains. “I can relax and make friends here. I learn things here that I could never learn anywhere else.”

Your support is enough to fund 3 Espas Pa Mwen sites at Profamil’s locations in Port-au-Prince, Croix de Bouquets, and Jacmel. The program will provide 50 girls with a year of weekly, girl-only meetings, where they will learn health and life skills while building a network of trusted peers and adults who will help them successful navigate life’s challenges.

“I want the program to grow,” says Ester, “so that more girls can have the chance to learn what I did in this wonderful program.”

Will you help make Ester’s dream a reality?

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